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  • Something that is only present to please the eye, and has no information content.  When done right, this can enhance a site.  When done wrong (as is common), it can replace, or destroy any previously present content.


  • FEMJOY is a softcore pornographic website. The website hosts work from around 50 photographers and over 400 models. It is ranked as one of the top 2,000 most visited sites by Alexa Internet as of July 2008. FEMJOY claims to be “the largest pure nude site world wide”.
    femjoy.com. 2008.

femjoy eyecandy

femjoy eyecandy – Head Case

Head Case Orange and Pink Stripes Protective Snap-on Back Case Cover for HTC One X
Head Case Orange and Pink Stripes Protective Snap-on Back Case Cover for HTC One X
Protect your phone with this attractive eye-candy coloured Head Case Designs Striped protective snap-on back case! This new Head Case Designs Striped protective snap-on back case comes with eye-catching coloured stripe design that adds a very stylish back protection for your HTC One X against scratches, damages, sudden bumps and impacts. Its constructed from high quality and durable gloss coated polycarbonate plastic that is ultra-thin and lightweight to provide a reliable protection as you go. It comes with precise port cut-outs so you can easily used accessories, access ports, use controls and buttons so you can conveniently work with your phone where you go. It simply snap-install on your phone’s back so it won’t slip during daily use whist providing the best back stylish protection for your mobile phone. You can now preserve the svelte design of your phone whilst providing maximum protection with this fantastic snap-on back case!

eyecandy actions, the London Eye

eyecandy actions, the London Eye
eyecandy actions: little buttercup, vingette


EyeCandy for lazy days

femjoy eyecandy

Eye Candy by Becker and Earle (DISCONTINUED)
Eye Candy by Becker and Earle
The performer tears a few pages from a current copy of Time, Business Week, or Newsweek magazine, giving the pages to people in the audience. They pass them on to others, ensuring a random selection of helpers. The Mentalist, with two of the helpers, illustrates how our eyes are attracted by the clever placement of text or graphics in almost all magazine editorials and ads.

One participant’s page is torn into more than a dozen pieces to guarantee a random outcome by eliminating any bias resulting from the page layout. Obviously, every scrap has totally different printed content on both sides. While the mindreader’s back is turned , the participant freely discards all but one piece which he holds between his forefinger and thumb for everyone (except the Mentalist) to see.

After verbally ensuring that the helper can read numerous words and phrases on the scrap of paper, and while the performer’s back remains turned toward the participant, he says, “I am visualizing part of a word but it’s somewhat obscured by your thumb. Move your thumb over, please. That’s better. Would you please read for the first time that which Business Week printed on the piece of magazine page you chose. I believe the word ” soared ” was under your thumb. Is that correct?” He exclaims, ” YES !”
No stooges
No assistants
No pre-show work
No sleights
No switches
No writing
No mirrors
Nothing added or taken away
Helper can stand across the room
No electronics
Not the same words every time
Fully examinable, even the discarded scraps!
Eye Candy’s “gaffus” is sufficient for up to 100 performances